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~Freebie Book Blitz~ Insight by Jamie Magee

Title: Insight
Author: Jamie Magee         
Genre: Young Adult
Blitz Host: Lady Amber's Tours


Willow Haywood has always been trapped between the worlds of the Light and the Dark. Her waking hours are plagued by her ability to feel the emotions of those around her. No matter how inward she draws, she cannot shut out the feelings of others. Sometimes she will see images - echoes of other people and places - that she can enter to influence the emotions of people she has never met.

By night, Willow experiences her only escape from this terrible insight - entering into the world of dreams. Most of these dreams are shared in blissful silence with a stunning blue-eyed boy. But every new moon she lives through something much darker: a horrific nightmare shared by another mysterious boy who is always shrouded by shadows.

One night, this shadowy figure invades her dreams outside of his appointed time. In this new nightmare, Willow is marked; a mark which follows her into the waking world and sets her on a momentous path through light and darkness, through fragmented myth and half-truths, through past lives and disturbing family secrets, all in the face of the ever-dominant Zodiac. What she finds will endanger the lives of those closest to her and will force her to make a decision that will change her world forever.

The fun non boring Bio :)
I'm an obsessive daydreamer. Lover of loud alternative music. Addicted to Red Bull. I love to laugh until it hurts. Fall is my favorite season. Black is my favorite 'shade.' Strong believer in the saying: there is a reason for everything, therefore I search for 'marked moments' every moment of everyday...and I find them. Life is beautiful!
Boring one....
Jamie Magee has always believed that each of us have a defining gift that sets us apart from the rest of the world, she has always envied those who have known from their first breath what their gift was. Not knowing hers, she began a career in the fast paced world of business. Raising a young family, and competing to rise higher in that field would drive some to the point of insanity, but she always found a moment of escape in a passing daydream. Her imagination would take her to places she'd never been, introduce her to people she's never known. Insight, her debuting novel, is a result of that powerful imagination. Today, she is grateful that not knowing what defined her, led her on a path of discovery that would always be a part of her.
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I felt a blanket of peaceful love with a sense of urgency. The night air in front of me began to move; it looked like a wave gently swaying with a current. A thin light began to emerge then Landen stepped through the wave. I felt the air leave my lungs and adrenaline rush through every part of my body as my heart violently hammered in my chest.
“Landen…” I breathed.
In the darkness, I could see his haunting blue eyes widen, we were both soaked in the emotion of disbelief, along with the fear that this wasn’t real. 
In that beat of my heart he’d reached my side. His hands were trembling ever so slightly as they cradled my face, and his thumbs graze the flesh of my cheekbones. He was staring at me like I was a forbidden fruit, like I was every sin in the book, desire washed over that lasting look as he leaned in and let his lips frame mine. When we melded the flesh of our lips together, his hands fell from my face and slowly waved down my body, embracing my flesh, I was doing the same to him. He was warm, he was on fire, I could hear his breaths, hear the sweet sound of our kiss, the way our clothes were moving under our touch. He was real. He was in my arms, and he was driving me wild. That first kiss was nothing compared to this, that was a dream, it was fleeting, it was something that could end at any second, this—this touch, this emotion, this pulsing of my soul was eternal. 
He pressed our bodies together and held me with more strength than he had ever displayed. We both sought air more than once, but the other moved closer as soon as that gasp was taken. His warm tongue was uninhabited yet sensual as it danced with mine. I was devouring every sensation he was giving me and wanting more, so much more. 
I was trembling with passion, I think he misunderstood that, he slowed our kiss, as one arm went around me and the other cradled my face. His thumb reached to my lips just as his kiss ended, he tenderly caressed the moist, swollen flesh he found there.
 “I found you,” he said with the lips of an angel. His voice was deep and entrancing, those three simple words sounded like poetry as he spoke them.  
 His eyes danced over my image, “I love you.” he said as he leaned in and kissed me once more, this was a sweet kiss, only lips, only warm sensual lips.

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~Cover Reveal~ Lady Macbeth; Wyrd Queen of Scotland

Title: Lady Macbeth; Wyrd Queen of Scotland
Author: Melanie Karsak     
Genre: Fantasy/Alternative History
Release Date: Summer/Fall 2014
Reveal Host: Lady Amber's Tours

Novel blurb

Something wicked this way comes . . .
Gruoch was born to rule, but long before she becomes Lady Macbeth, ancient forces claim her soul.
Marked by the old gods of Pagan Scotland, Gruoch learns arcane wizardry from the Wyrd Sisters and meets her true love, a druid named Banquo. But when powerful forces play with her fate, Gruoch finds herself married to Macbeth and the reigning Queen of Scotland, for better or worse. Can she fulfill her destiny without blood on her hands?
In this retelling of Shakespeare’s classic work, Lady Macbeth leads readers through an unforgettable tale of magic, love, and inescapable destiny.
Novel Trailer:

Melanie Karsak grew up in rural northwestern Pennsylvania and earned a Master's degree in English from Gannon University. A steampunk connoisseur, white elephant collector, and zombie whisperer, the author currently lives in Florida with her husband and two children. She is an Instructor of English at Eastern Florida State College.


~Cover Reveal~ Forgiven by Vicki Green








Forgiven, Touched #2
Author: Vicki Green
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Bo Dunway’s young life has been fortunate. His parents being wealthy and providing him and his sister a loving environment growing up, he’s never wanted for much but he has a heart of gold. With his good grades and basketball scholarship he’s able to attend a prominent college, but he doesn't want to live out of state. He can’t bear the thought of leaving behind the one thing he loves more than basketball. Stormy Reece. 

Stormy Reece grew up in the most unusual conditions. Meeting Bo and his family was the best thing that ever happened to her. They met when he was seven, and she was five behind the Mexican Restaurant he and his family frequented. Her single mother worked there most day and nights so Stormy was always there hanging out in the kitchen or the back alley. Without a father figure in her life, she rebelled in her late teens, going to party’s with the friends she had made that were horrible influences, staying out till all hours of the night and worrying her mother sick. 

Bo and Stormy became inseparable until he reluctantly left for college. He promised he’d never leave her. She believed him. Never again will she trust anyone but herself. He knew from the moment he saw her that he was going to marry her one day. Being forced to attend a college away from his home town, his promising career hangs in the balance as his concentration is only on one thing. Stormy.

Will Bo follow his dreams or his heart and will they ever be able to live out their dream of being together?

*Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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Zac Aynsley: 

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Vicki Green

Vicki Green grew up in Overland Park, Kansas and currently resides in Olathe, Kansas. Along with her husband and two teenage boys, she shares her home with her cocker spaniel's Shadow and Mocha. She has been working full time at the same Company for 35 years. Her life has been filled with the most loving and caring parents, who are both gone now but are still in her heart and mind daily.

Vicki enjoys reading Romance books which is what inspired her to begin writing this book. She has always admired Author's dedication and hard work. She had a dream that played out for over a year, came home one day after work and decided to put it on a word document to see how it read and that became 'My Savior Forever', the beginning of her Forever Series.

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~After Easter 3 Day Book Explosion~


1. Ember's Curse by Gena D. Lutz :

2. Finding Solace by Barbara Speak :

3. Watch Me Walk Away by Jill Prand :

4. The Veil : Dreams by Setta Jay :

5. The Reason Series: Complete Collection by Zoey Derrick :

6. Children of Kria: Fury by Charlie Daye :

7. Mistaken for a Call Girl by Charlie Daye :

8. The Perfect Mate by C.E. Black :

9. Have My Heart by Rene Folsom :

10. Every Thorn by Rene Folsom :

11. Life After by P.A. Warren :

12. Protect Me by Tressa Messenger :

13. Protect Us by Tressa Messenger :

14. Dylan's Story by Tressa Messenger :

15. This I Promise You by Tressa Messenger :

16. Country Girls:Explixit Edition by Tressa Messenger :

17. Forever Changed by Jamie Gibson :

18. My Angel by Jamie Gibson :

19. Jamie Gibson :

20. The Seventh Layer by Rachel A. Olson :

21. Blood Slaves by N.L. Hoffmann :

22. Trust Me? The Trust Me? Trilogy by KE Osborn :

23. Love Me? The Trust Me? Trilogy by KE Osborn :

24. Her Dragon To Slay by Julie Mills :

25. Her Dragon's Fire by Julie Mills :

26. Haunted by Her Dragon by Julie Mills :

27. Red Rover (Team Red) by Tina Hammond :

28. Blind Seduction (Team REd) by Tina Hammond :

29. Hot & Dangerous, De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macia :

30. Ghost, Razor 8 by P.T. Macia :

31. Setta Jay :

32. Erotic Mythology by James Fuller :

33. Broken Shards of a Masterpiece by James Fuller :

35. Secrets of the Ghosts-The Sleepers by Solease M Barner :

36. Cursed Desires by C.E. Black:


1. Crimson Shadows: Noir by Nathan Squiers :

2. Burning At Last by Crystal Rister :

3. Scarlet Night by Megan J Parker :

4. RUA by Miranda Kavi :

5. Enduring Kiss by C.E. Black :

6. Voices of the Soul by Rene Folsom :

7. Heart You by Rene Folsom :

8. Bind Me by Rene Folsom :

9. Protector by Tressa Messenger :

10. Save My Soul by K.S. Haigwood :

11. Apart From Love by Uvi Poznansky :

12. Crescent Bound by Karli Rush :

13. Charged by Casey Harvell :

14. Righteous Deciscions by Casey Harvell :

15. Agony by Sandrine Villalobos :

16. Chasing Sam by Krystal Shannon :

17. Open House by Krystal Shannon :

18. Trevor by Krystal Shannon :

19. Kade's Dark Embrace (Immortals of New Orleans) by Kym Grosso :

20. Loco, Razor 8 by P.T. Macia :

21. Hot & Adorable, De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macia :

22. The Draglen Brothers - DRAKEN (BK1) by Solease M Barner :

23. Hidden Ecstasy by Setta Jay :

24. Friends Wanting Benefits by Luke Young :

25. Friends With Partial Benefits by Luke Young :

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1. Gena D. Lutz : Signed paperback of Created Darkly

2. Barbara Speak : Ebook copy of Finding Solace

3. Jill Prand : 3 signed bookmarks

4. Zoey Derrick : Signed paperback of Give Me Reason (Reason #1)

5. Rene Folsom : Soul Seers Boxed Set & Roomate Romance Boxed Set

Website: Facebook: 

Twitter: Amazon:

6. P.A. Warren : 2 Ebook copies and a set of book mark



7. Rachel A. Olson : Miscellaneous Paperback Book

8. Casey Harvell : 2 Ebook copies of Harsh Decisions & 2 Ebook copies of Charged


9. KE Osborn : Ebook copy of Trust Me? The Trust Me? Trilogy

10. Sandrine Villalobos : Paperback copy of Agony, one magnet and one bookmark

11. Julie Mills : Signed paperback copy of Her Dragon to Slay, Signed Paperback copy of Her Dragon's Fire, & Signed paperback copy of Haunted by Her Dragon

12. Wendy Jay : Signed Paperback copy of Files of a Sex Therapist - Subject : Garrett Connors


Google Plus:

13. Tina Hammond : Paperback copy of Red Rover (Team Red)


14. Kym Grosso : $5.00 Amazon Gift Card

15. P.T. Macias : 1 ebook copy of Ghost, Razors 8 and 2 signed bookmarks,1 ebook copy of Phantom, Razors 8 and 2 signed bookmarks, 1 ebook copy of Hot & Sassy, De La Cruz Saga and 2 signed bookmarks

16. Setta Jay : 2 ebook copies of Ecstasy Claimed (Smashwords)

17. Solease M. Barner : 2 ebook copies of The Draglen Brothers - SHOWKEN (Book 2) &  2 ebook copies of Secrets of the Ghosts-Awakens Book 2


18. Luke Young : Signed Paperback of So Far Gone, Girl

19. C.E. Black : 2 Smashwords copies of Shifted Temptations

~Release Day Blitz~ Breathless Beginnings Anthology

Title: Breathless Beginnings
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 21, 2014


Fall in love from the beginning! 

10 Breathless
Romances for only .99 cents! Available for a Limited Time Only! Regular Price

Sexy, romantic, and
full of hot alpha males! This box set features the first books in 10 different
series by popular New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble
bestselling authors. These enticing books will leave you excited, flushed, and
breathless for more.

Pamela Ann -
Scornfully Yours

Pamela Ann

M. Clarke -
Something Great

Mary Ting

Jennifer Domenico -
Turn Towards the Sun

Jennifer Domenico

L.P. Dover - 
Love, Lies and Deception

L.P. Dover

Destiny Ford - 
The Devil Drinks Coffee

Destiny Ford

Cambria Hebert -

Cambria Hebert

Jennifer Miller -
Pretty Little Lies

Jennifer    Miller

Hilary Storm - 
In A Heartbeat

Hilary Storm

Ashley Suzanne -

Ashley Suzanne

Breena Wilde -
Blurred Lines, Volumes 1-4

Author Links 
Pamela Ann:

M. Clarke

Jennifer Domenico:

L.P. Dover:

Destiny Ford:

Cambria Hebert: 

Follow her on Twitter:
Cambria’s website:

Jennifer Miller:

Jennifer's Website - 

Hilary Storm: 

Ashley Suzanne: 

Breena Wilde: 

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~Release Day Blitz~ Tainted Pictures by Sarah Robinson

Title: Tainted Pictures
Author: Sarah Robinson
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Reveal Host:
Lady Amber's Tours


Kate Jackson had no idea who she was until she met Derrick Kane and their whirlwind romance turned out to be the everything she needed to build a future and heal her past.

But a shocking crime leads Kate to uncover the work of an extremely dangerous serial killer, notoriously called “The Photographer” due to his penance for taking pictures of his victims.

Derrick continues to work to gain back Kate’s trust and to find The Photographer as Kate builds new friendships and finds new skills.

Can she catch The Photographer and learn to trust Derrick again? Find out in Tainted Picture's sequel and the final installment of The Photographer Trilogy.

Sarah Robinson is a native of the Washington, DC area and continues to reside there with her new husband, Justin, and their 16 pets! She has both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in criminal psychology.  A vast amount of in-depth work experiences in intense environments have given her a plethora of experiences to draw from when writing crime dramas. Writing has been her hobby since high school and she has been published several times.

Sand & Clay was her first full-length novel and will have a sequel coming out in 2015.  Her second book was Tainted Bodies and is the first part of The Photographer Trilogy.  Her writing often concentrates on the complexity of love and emotions and the struggles of finding your destined path through life, as well as overcoming life’s tragedies and misfortunes. She combines psychological complexities and human emotions to attempt to create real characters experiencing life in a very real way.  Her books focus on redemption and forgiveness, learning to build on what has been broken.

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~Cover Reveal~ Finding Her Way Back by Heather Van Fleet

Title: Finding Her Way Back
Author: Heather Van Fleet
Genre: New Adult
Reveal Host:
Lady Amber's Tours

Meet Callie, a chubby-sexy nineteen year old girl who fears high heels, commitments, and has a love/hate relationship with her running shoes. 
Nine months of college down the drain all all she has to show for it is her freshman thirty. But alas, life has other crap plans for her--one that includes a strict regiment of do this do that for her she-devil sister, all while trying to avoid the unavoidable. 
The unavoidable being Ky: the ex best friend, turned sex god who lives across the street from her house. Meet Ky; a nineteen year old country music singer, minus the lyrics, and a boy turned man who still wears a proverbial skateboard around his neck from wasted high school days. 
But then Callie returns home, and that's when he realizes that she's exactly the muse he's been missing all along. Now, if only she can stop running long enough to find out that he too is all she'll ever need again.

Heather Van Fleet currently reside in northern Illinois, with her three little ladies, and fabulous hubby, and high school sweetheart, Chris. She’s a stay at home mom by day, and an avid and completely obsessive writer and reader by night.
She’s always had a soft spot in her heart for books, and has been creating her own little stories since the age of seven. But she never really had the confidence or the time to actually sit down and really do something about it until her youngest daughter Isabella was born just two years ago. Bella, as well as her older sisters Kelsey and Emma, are and always will be her greatest inspirations.

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Callie's excerpt: 

I stiffened, taking in his words, trying to wrap my head around them. I’d had sex before—a ton of times, with Brad. But as I stared down at Ky, I began to realize something. For six months, I’d lived in a world of missionary positions. This on top shit? Yeah, I had no idea how it worked.

Ky's one liner:

“I’m going to touch you now, Calla Lily. And then tomorrow I’ll hold your hand.”